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Why would I need a rock chip repair company in Memphis?

Is there anything more infuriating than driving down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly a rock pops up out of nowhere and chips your windshield? We all know what follows next: some form of expletive, a flash of road rage, and before you know it you’re on an existential spiral about how you, of all people, were put in that exact place in that exact time to be hit by that random piece of rock? These are the questions that might be going through your head as you drive the rest of the way to your destination, no doubt still fuming about the incident. We’re sorry to say, there’s no way to turn back the clock. And while we may not be able to answer those tougher life questions, we do have answers to the most frequently asked question when it comes to rock chip repairs.

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Q: I have a chip in my windshield, now what?

A: Try not to panic – rock chips happen to every motorist! That being said, you should try to get that chip fixed as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

Q: Is my windshield going to break?

A: Your windshield is made out of two layers of glass as well as an additional layer of plastic in between them. That means your windshield won’t shatter from a rock chip; however, it’s very important to schedule a repair to make sure the chip doesn’t turn into a crack.

Q: Can I do anything to keep the chip from getting worse?

A: Despite your best intentions, a rock chips can sometimes cause your windshield to crack overnight. To lower the chances of that happening, make sure not to use your defroster since heating the glass can cause a chip to crack. Also, avoid parking at an angle because this can put more stress on the glass in your windscreen and cause the chip to crack.

Q: Can I still wash my car with a chipped windshield?

A: You should try to avoid washing your windshield until you get the appropriate repairs done. Also, do not use products such as Rain X, since these will leave a residue within the chip and make the damage more visible even after repairs.

Q: What If I don’t have time to take my car in for a repair?

A: Many services today are 100% mobile, meaning they will travel to you during a convenient time and place of your choosing.

Q: Will the spot of repair be as strong as the rest of my windshield?

A: This is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, after the repair is complete and the resin is cured, that section of glass will be stronger than ever before. You can rest assured that the safety of your windshield has actually improved.

Q: Can I get warranty for the repairs?

A: Any reputable professional will guarantee lasting results. If the equipment and products used during the repair are high-quality, there’s no reason why the company shouldn’t stand firmly behind the quality of their work. If the company you are working with doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Q: What if I get another rock chip in the future?

A: Rock chips can be unavoidable, but finding a trusted repair service can take the hassle out of your future incidents. As a matter of fact, the process will only be easier since you’ve already established a relationship.

Q: Can any chip be fixed?

A: Most repair professionals will prefer to save your windshield from complete replacement. Unfortunately, if a chip has cracked too far and can no longer be contained with a repair, you’ll be forced to replace your windshield.

Q: What if I have to get my windshield replaced?

A: Unfortunately, sometimes a windshield chips crack beyond repair, in which case a full replacement will be necessary. A trained professional will be able to fully evaluate your individual case and make recommendations on your next steps. However, beware of any repairman who seems to be funneling people to a specific business for the replacements. If they are not affiliated, there’s no way for them to guarantee other company’s work.

Q: What should I look for in a repair service?

A: Look for a company that hires highly trained professionals and uses high quality resin, as this will result in the best long-term results. Make sure that their customer service is top notch, and that you feel comfortable with the level of information and communication you are receiving throughout the process. It’s also important to look for a professional service with straightforward pricing without any haggling. Finally, look for a company with competitive rates that offers a fair value to their customers.