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What Should I Do About My Cracked Windshield In Memphis?

Nothing can ruin a day as fast as when you’re going for a casual drive, minding your own business when bam! a rock comes barreling at your windshield. Often, the first instinct is to be a little panicked and, of course, worried.

However, the next step is crucial, and this is often where auto owners make the most common mistake; they leave it. They’ll look at the damage and think, “It’s just a small crack, I’ll leave it.”

Or, perhaps they just don’t know where to go from there.

Although you may be hesitant on the next step there is one thing we can ensure you should never do; leave it. Although it may appear to be a little crack now, trust us when we say that it will soon become much worse if left alone.

In some states, police officers will even ticket you if they see you have a crack in your windshield. Temperatures, moisture, and dirt can all make it worse and lead to your entire windshield having to be replaced instead of just having the crack fixed.

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Why should I be worried?

A lot of people aren’t fully educated on the damage that having a crack in your windshield can do to you and your car. Although it may appear to just be a small crack it can still do a world of damage to your car.

  • When there’s a collision, and the airbag is triggered, the windshield is what directs the airbag to the car’s occupants. However, with a damaged windshield it’ll be less likely to hold up and can lead to the airbag not doing its job correctly. This can lead to you getting harmed as well as your vehicle.
  • Rollover accident. Your windshield is a huge part of what helps to protect your vehicle during a rollover accident and, if it’s damaged, it can not hold up to the weight that it was intended to. Your vehicle is more likely to collapse under the weight of a rollover accident, doing damage to both you and your car.
  • Frontal Ejection Risk. When getting in accidents, if you aren’t wearing a seat belt, you can be forced into the windshield. Windshields are initially built to withstand the weight, but, if they’re damaged then it can lead to the windshield shattering under the weight.

All of these can lead to serious damage which is not worth the risk.

Should I Try a DIY Fix?

Maybe because the phrase “it’s just a scratch” holds such a meaning, many car owners are tempted to fix a scratched windshield on their own without any professional help. To do this, they are usually faced with a choice between a buffer and a polish. The problem with both of these options is that they introduce even more scratches to your glass surface, worsening your quality of vision. When it comes to buffing the scratch away, it is very common to underestimate the depth of the scratch, causing you to have to remove so much glass from the surrounding area that you end up ruining the entire windshield. What’s more, the heat from a buffer alone can even cause a crack in the windshield. Talk about an expensive fix.

How to temporarily fix your cracked windshield.

  1. Protecting the glass from temperatures. It’s important to be aware that specific temperatures can make it worse and, ultimately, lead to your entire windshield having to be replaced. Taking precautions such as always parking in the shade on sunny days can help to stop the crack from spreading. It’s important that you ensure it’s always protected from direct sunlight.
  2. Repair kits. You can buy windshield repair kits that will easily help to fix a small crack or chip. However, it’s crucial to remember that this won’t work if your crack is huge. It only works on minor chips or cracks.
  3. Super-glue. Dirt and moisture love to get into windshield cracks and an easy way to keep them away is to use superglue or nail polish on your windshield. It’s recommended to clean the area to the crack before applying a layer of super-glue or nail polish to the area. This will temporarily help to keep the dirt and moisture at bay from the crack.

Often, if it’s just a small crack then your windshield will have to just be repaired. A quick trip into the nearby auto shop will have it fixed in no time and for an affordable amount. However, if you wait and the crack gets bigger then you’ll be faced with a much worse issue.

Often this leads to the entire windshield having to be repaired which takes longer and is far more expensive.

If you are currently in a situation where your windshield has a crack and you’re unsure about how to proceed then our advice is simple; don’t wait. If you don't already have a regular auto shop that you go to for vehicle repairs then a quick google search will flood your computer with local places.

Even if you don’t have the resources to fix it immediately, a professional will still be able to tell you how bad it is and if you’re in immediate danger of it spreading. No matter what, it’s always best to start by letting a professional take a look.