Why Would I Need A Windshield Scratch Repair Company In Memphis?

Say you’re driving down a street and it’s been a few days (read weeks) since you’ve washed your windshield. A light rain starts to drizzle and you think, “Great, a free carwash!” You don’t even think twice about turning on your windshield wipers because it’s raining, that’s just what you do when it rains, right? Well, what you might not know, is that if there’s enough grime under your windshield wipers, you might be at a pretty high risk of getting a permanent scratch on your windshield. That risk is even higher if you also haven’t changed out your wipers in a while (read ever). Now what?

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How Bad Is a Scratched Windshield?

At first, a scratch on your windshield may not seem like a big deal – a nuisance at most, but nothing to worry about. After all it’s just a scratch, not a crack, right? Not entirely, while a scratch may not be a cause for immediate panic, it can seriously affect your vision while you’re behind the wheel. Not only that, but a scratch will actually weaken your entire windshield and eventually cause it to crack. So a scratch may seem like a cosmetic fix, but they can potentially become a very serious problem.

Should I Try a DIY Fix?

Maybe because the phrase “it’s just a scratch” holds such a meaning, many car owners are tempted to fix a scratched windshield on their own without any professional help. To do this, they are usually faced with a choice between a buffer and a polish. The problem with both of these options is that they introduce even more scratches to your glass surface, worsening your quality of vision. When it comes to buffing the scratch away, it is very common to underestimate the depth of the scratch, causing you to have to remove so much glass from the surrounding area that you end up ruining the entire windshield. What’s more, the heat from a buffer alone can even cause a crack in the windshield. Talk about an expensive fix.

Who Should I Trust With the Job?

For the reasons listed above, it is very important that you call a professional to get the scratch removed. You should look for a reputable company with plenty of positive customer reviews. Make sure that their staff is specifically trained for this type of work and don’t be shy to ask for credentials and experience. Any trained windshield repair technician will gladly share their knowledge. You should also look for a company that has the right tools and material to do the repairs right then and there, given of course, that the scratch is reparable. If the shop tells you they have to order in the material or tools before they can start working on your car, chances are they probably don’t perform these kinds of jobs very often, and that is a clear indicator that you should look elsewhere.

Can Any Scratch Be Repaired?

In short, no, not every windshield wiper can be restored. This depends entirely on the severity, depth and location of the scratch. An experienced professional will be able to assess the damage done to your windscreen and tell you whether or not they’ll be able to save you a full replacement. It’s hard to say exactly what the guidelines are or to assess the damage on your own, so once again, it’s important to consult with an expert on the matter. When you pick a reputable professional, you can trust them to give you a fair assessment instead of trying to coax more money out of your pocket.

What If I’m Too Busy?

We’ve all given this excuse before, and to be fair, it is a valid one. We all live incredibly busy lives and sometimes taking the time during a work day to go get a windshield scratch repair is just not in the cards. The great news is many of the top repair companies offer to travel to you if you aren’t able to get to them. That means you can have your car fixed while you’re at work, home or even a restaurant during your lunch break! With that sort of convenience it’s much harder to come up with a sound excuse as to why you still haven’t gotten that ugly scratch removed.

Let’s face it, a windshield scratch can be a serious eye sore and not the kind of look you want to project onto the world. What’s even worse, it is a hazard and can obstruct your eyesight while you’re driving. Not to mention, it’s only a matter of time until, what started out as a scratch, develops into a crack and compromises the safety of your windshield. Oh, and fixing it yourself only makes the problem worse, guaranteeing a full windshield replacement in your near future. The best thing you can do is find trusted, reputable and experienced professionals to evaluate the damage. Most of the time, they’ll be able to fix the problem for you right then and there. Even better, many of these companies will offer a mobile service – meaning they’ll travel and meet you at your convenient time and place.