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Why Would I Need An Auto Glass Replacement Company In Memphis?

In the early 20th century, cars used glass to keep strong winds off the driver. Despite keeping ‘wind’ in the name, windshields have become a vital part of modern vehicles, providing safety, structure, and comfort. Side windows play a key role in maintaining strong, safe vehicles as well. Damage to your front and rear windshield and side windows can be caused by accidents, theft, vandalism, and extreme weather. A cracked windshield puts you, the driver, and your passengers at risk. At Eden Auto Glass in Memphis, we offer quality auto glass replacement services to keep you on the road safely.

Front Windshield Replacement

A crack in your front windshield can interfere with your vision, creating dangerous driving conditions. An intact windshield helps you see as it deflects glare that can come from sunlight, streetlights, and the headlights of other vehicles.  A cracked windshield won’t do the same job for you. Another safety feature of the windshield: It’s part of the structure of your vehicle, holding up your roof. For this and other reasons, it’s important to have a cracked front windshield replaced, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Most often, auto window glass replacement takes less than an hour. Whether you bring your auto in our shop or ask for a mobile repair, plan to allow for the drying time recommended by the installation technician.

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Passenger Side Window Replacement

The passenger side window keeps the weather out and provides a measure of theft protection. The strong, tempered glass makes breaking and entering more difficult. If a side window is cracked, it could break into pieces and hurt one of the vehicle passengers. Avoid these safety and security issues with passenger side window replacement from Eden Auto Glass in Memphis.

When a passenger side window is replaced, no drying time is need as it is with a windshield. If you’re planning on using our mobile auto glass repair service, you’ll need to meet us at the vehicle to hand over your keys. We’ll remove the broken glass, install a replacement window, test the window’s opening and closing functions, and return your keys.

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Driver Side Window Replacement

A broken driver side window leaves your car open to theft. It also can’t keep out bad weather, including rain and hail. Cracked glass presents a danger to anyone near it, especially when someone opens and closes the vehicle door. The only safe option for your cracked or broken driver side window is auto glass replacement by a qualified installer.

As with a passenger side window, replacement of a driver side window doesn’t require a wait for drying time. It does, however, require that the installer has keys to the vehicle. For mobile service, plan to meet the installer or somehow deliver the key for vehicle access during installation and window testing.

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Rear Window Replacement

The rear window of a vehicle provides rigidity to the car’s frame, similarly to the front windshield. Safe driving requires a clear view through the rear window. A cracked rear window can block the view, affect the car’s structure, and fail to protect vehicle occupants from the elements.

While you may imagine that getting your auto rear window replaced will be a hassle, the process is easy. Call Eden Auto Glass at (901) 881-9750 to schedule in-shop or mobile service. Installation usually lasts under an hour. Since driving your vehicle immediately after installation can cause the adhesive to slip, please follow the installation technician’s directions for drying time.

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Mobile Auto Glass Replacement

Damage to your auto glass doesn’t always happen in a location convenient to our shop. You don’t have to wait for an in-shop appointment. Whether your vehicle is in a parking lot, at work, or at home, our mobile service comes to you to replace your windshield or side window glass. Call Eden Auto Glass at (901) 881-9750 and tell us your location. For a windshield, we can replace it without your presence. To replace a side window, we’ll meet you or you’ll arrange to get your keys to our installation technician.

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The Solution for Your Broken Vehicle Window: Eden Auto Glass in Memphis

If you have a vehicle for several years, you’ll mostly likely experience a cracked or broken front or rear windshield or side window. Don’t put off the process of window replacement. It’s easier than you think. Eden Auto Glass can provide mobile or in-shop service. Our prices are fair, and, if you’re using auto insurance, it usually covers the replacement window cost.

We want to offer you the best service in Memphis. Our highly-experienced installation technicians are ready to meet your vehicle window replacement needs. Call Eden Auto Glass at (901) 881-9750 to schedule an appointment for in-shop or mobile service.

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