What to Expect from an Expert Mobile Window Tint Contractor

Mobile window tinting is a great way to avoid waiting at the shop. With some luck, you could have your windows tinted while you’re at work or hanging out at the game on Saturday. We strongly recommend using a window technician instead of trying to do it yourself. The investment is a small price to pay for properly tinted windows that will protect the larger car investment you’ve made. Without properly tinted windows, upholstery and other parts of the interior can fade or get other sun damage. It also tends to get way too hot in the car without tinting. Let an expert take care of the tinting for you. You’ll know the job has been done right, and you’ll have a much easier time than if you had tried to do it yourself. Here’s what you should expect from anyone coming to tint your car windows.

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A Good Reputation Built on Correct Installation

If your tinting specialist doesn’t have good pictures to show you and good reviews to share, then keep looking until you can find someone who does. Your car is too expensive for a poorly executed tint job. You can find a lot of reviews on Yelp, Google, or other online service-based lists. But you should also ask around, because not everyone takes the time to leave an online review. Consider asking people with great tinting who worked on their car.

A Warranty Offer

Your service technician should be able to provide a warranty for the service as well as the actual tint product. There’s no point in investing in something that doesn’t stick around for several years at a minimum. Good warranties likely require some proof that the damage is of the type covered. For example, it would not normally cover lack of proper cleaning or a tree falling on the car and scraping the tint off. Ask what type of warranty the technician has and about the details. Remember that your warranty is part of the price you are paying for the tint. A better warranty costs more than a short-term or less inclusive one.

A Good Explanation of the Tinting Rules

Every state has different tinting rules. Your technician should be well-versed in the rules. Even if you know the rules already, make sure that you give your technician a little test before they start working on your car. They need to demonstrate that they know the state law as well. Tint rules can vary by vehicle in some states, so make sure that you understand the exceptions for the type of vehicle you have. You can always ask to see the certifications the technician has as well. It’s a good idea to have a long conversation with them first. In general, cars are a pretty personal item. Don’t let just anyone work on it! Take some time to get to know them first.

A Quick Turnaround Time

Tinting shouldn’t take that long, unless you’re getting a really spectacular treatment. Tinting can take a bit longer if previous tinting has to be removed or if you are having a special custom tint done. But the whole point of mobile tinting is to save you time. You should ask around before someone works on your car about them, and you should ask them how good they generally are with deadlines. There are always rare instances when it makes sense to extend deadlines, but that shouldn’t happen often. If you suspect that your tinter is fairly new at his job, you may be in for a longer wait. Either plan for it or choose another tinter with more experience.

Choose Well

In general, people who work in tinting have a strong motivation to do great work because it’s out in public. They tend to care about cars a lot, so if someone takes the extra step to do mobile tinting, they are likely at least proficient. But you should always take care to check shop references and see about the quality of their work. Cars are a big investment, but beyond that, you don’t want to have to get the job done twice. It generally takes a good chunk of time to tint, and it’s a substantial investment. Tinting can be customized quite a bit. Remember to ask the technician about what kinds of tints they have done, not just if they are good at tinting quickly. Custom jobs tend to present unique challenges. People all have specialties, and one person may be better at completing your order than another. You just have to take the time to find out. It’s a good idea to talk about your ideas with a company before they send someone out. They can send you the best man for the job that way.